Pool Cleaning


Crown Pools And Spas Offers an end-to-end pool cleaning and pool equipment maintenance service. 

We are professionals in cleaning and maintaining your pool, which will not only save you time, it can save you money as well. A properly maintained pool with correct chemistry can lengthen the life of your swimming pool equipment and pool surface considerably, which means that you can save money on costly equipment repairs and pool resurfacing. In addition to our regular pool cleaning service, we provide pool acid washing and pool health check services. Pool acid washing is for the removal of mild mineral and severe calcium build up 

Keep your swimming pool clean and enjoy the rewards of diving into the fresh water with Crown Pools And Spas. 


Services included by Crown Pools And Spas

  • Vacuuming Pool
  • Brushing Pool walls, tiles, steps
  • Emptying skimmer and pump baskets
  • Backwashing sand filters or cartridge filters
  • Checking equipment (pump, timer, pressure, leaks)
  • Testing Pool Water
  • Adding pool chemicals & balancing water
  • Ensuring correct water level

To Get Your Pool Maintained By A Professional

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